Features & Benefits
Increased quality and accuracy
Improve safety and ergonomics
Reduced maintenance cost
Less downtime
Uses standard available infrastructure
Less fasteners needed
Empower the people
Based on hand operated tools
Return on investment <1 year
All sorts of prefab panels and elements;Transport crates;Wall panels, wood and metsec;Floor and roofing elements;Fences

Smart Bridge

Product description
The SENCO Smart Bridge has been developed for manufacturers of prefabricated panels who aim to improve their production process, product quality and ergonomics. Without the loss of flexibility and the need to use extra manpower the bridge increases productivity. By using the Smart Bridge a high return on investment (ROI) of less than a year can be achieved. Furthermore the amount of fasteners used can be significantly reduced. The modular design makes it easy to install the bridge into existing production lines. It will be up and running within hours. The Smart Bridge has the flexibility to integrate into production lines with options to mount onto existing table systems or with a floor mounted system. SENCO Smart Bridge - Your bridge to success!
Product videos