Features & Benefits
Amazing power, especially considering the tool’s weight and balance
Rugged dependability
Fast - up to 15 staples per second
Adjustable depth-of-drive control for proper staple set
All the features you want, including adjustable power for softer drives
EZ-clear latch provides quick and easy clearing of occasional jams
Adjustable exhaust directs exhaust air in any direction
Stitching board material to wooden frames.

Smart BoardFixer SQS55XP

Product description
The Smart BoardFixer is the ideal tool to improve quality and ergonomics in production environments with perfectly aligned distances varying from 85mm or 170mm. Operated by just one person from the side of the panel the Smart BoardFixer is guided along the edge of the element and drives nails or staples at set increments without the need to climb or stretch across the sheet/panel. The Smart BoardFixer is available with various stapling or nailing tools of the SENCO Heavy Duty XP product range. The mounted SQS55XP Stapler has all the power and speed needed for the toughest framing and sheathing applications. Designed with today’s harder woods and laminates in mind, this rugged stapler will stitch the Senco 14 gauge staples.