Features & Benefits
Durable construction
driver has high-strength rib design, threaded piston/driver connection, and aluminum cylinder sleeve. Minimizes downtime and operating costs
Multi-directional stitching at up to 14 staples per second
Lightweight and compact with excellent balance and an impressive power-to-weight ratio
Adjustable depth of drive for consistent and controllable staple set
EZ-Clear latch provides quick and easy clearing of occasional jams
Ergonomic comfort grip handle
Quiet operation with adjustable exhaust for user comfort
Reload indicator lets user know it’s time to add more fasteners
Sheathing, furniture framing, roof decking, subflooring, crate and box assembly, pallets, cedar shingles, furring, metal tie-down straps, fascia and soffits, ridge beam assembly

SNS41-N, hw stapler, restrictive

Product description
The SENCO SNS41 heavy wire stapler is perfect for anyone with a need for speed! It's fast, multi-directional stitching is a major benefit in applications like ridge beams and all types of sheathing.
Technical Specifications
Staple type
N staple
Fastener length
25-50 mm