Features & Benefits
Full 25,4mm lip length - makes getting into tight spots easier
Rounded steel cap - won't snag fabric
Lightweight and balanced at 950 gram.
Rear magazine bumper - protects fabric
Comfort grip - reduces fatigue
Rear exhaust – Directs oil and dust away from work surface
Upholstering operations, furniture assembly, cabinets, automotive vinyl roofs and interior trim, bedding manufacture, TV and stereo grill cloth, picture frames, shoe making, molding, house wrap, and roofing felt.

SFW09-B, lw stapler, auto (discontinued)

Product description
Compact and durable, the SFW09 fine-wire stapler will handle any upholstery task with ease. With all-metal construction and a smooth profile, this tool works all day, everyday and won't snag or scuff fabric.
Technical Specifications
Staple type
B staple
Fastener length
10-13 mm