Features & Benefits
Heavy-duty steel cap – Superior balance with minimal recoil
One-handed magazine opening – Increased productivity with less downtime
Rear exhaust – Directs oil and dust away from the work surface
Comfort grip – Reduces fatigue
Short trigger stroke – Quick and precise operation
Upholstering operations, furniture assembly, cabinets, automotive vinyl roofs and interior trim, bedding manufacture, TV and stereo grille cloth, picture frames, shoemaking, molding and roofing felt

SFT10XP-E lw stapler

Product description
The SFT10XP pneumatic fine wire stapler drives staples ranging from 4 to 16mm in length. This XtremePro Series stapler is desgined for professional performance and has excellent features for user comfort, resulting in greater production output.
Technical Specifications
Staple type
E staple
Fastener length
6-16 mm