Features & Benefits
Senclamp fasteners pull the joint together during driving for a tight, permanent fit
Consistent drives even in hard woods
Eliminate milling, doweling, clamping, screwing and other time-consuming, cost-adding operations
The Senclamp high-carbon steel fastener derives added strength from its special webbed design
Butt Joints, cabinets, caskets, curios, mirror and picture frames

SC1XP, senclamp stapler, restrictive (discontinued)

Product description
Unique systems that clamps material together, holding and supporting it for the life of the product you manufacture. The versatile SENCO SC1XP tool drives three sizes of fasteners for stronger joints and fewer assembly operations. It is designed to do a wide range of wood fastening applications better, faster and cheaper.
Technical Specifications
Fastener type
Firing actuation
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute)
107.30 l/m
Staple type
Y Senclamp
Oil free lubrication
Includes case
Tool dimensions (LxWxH)
322x81x249 mm
Operating pressure
5.5-7.5 bar
Collation angle
0 º
Air inlet
3/8" female NPT