Features & Benefits
Enhanced EZ-Clear™ latch allows for quick access to clear fasteners and a NEW aggressive locking feature provides superior holding power for complete control of the fastener, oering pinpoint accuracy and unrivaled driveability
NEW Drive track design eliminates movement of the staple, enhancing overall drive performance and virtually eliminating fastener jams, skipping and misfires
Robust firing valve design makes the tool fast, powerful, efficient, and easy to maintain
Positive-locking adjustable depth-of-drive ensures consistently flush drives and helps prevent overdrives
Wire lathing, foam insulation board, furniture, cabinet frames, butt-joints and corrugated carton to skid

PS15XP, wc stapler

Product description
Constructed of durable, high strength components, the PS15XP has been developed for extreme performance and longevity. The NEW drive track design allows for superior control of the fastener and unrivaled driveability. Drives 1" crown 16 ga. staples from 5/8 to 1½.
Technical Specifications
Staple type
P staple
Fastener length
16-38 mm