Product Introduction: Senco PalletPro57F double handed safety


Senco introduces the PalletPro57F coilnailer with a double handed safety mechanism.

The PalletPro57F coilnailer is designed for intensive use in the pallet industry and drive up to 57mm nails. This well balanced and powerful coilnailer is built for high speed operations and designed to handle the toughest production applications.

The double safety requires two hands to fire a nail. First press the handle on the front side of the machine with one hand and pull the trigger with the other hand. This will prevent user from firing the tool using only one hand. This will lead to additional safety in the working environment.

Please note that the PalletPro57F with double handed safety will not be a standard stock item and is available on order and as a lead-time item. Delivery time after consultation.