Features & Benefits
Comfort and convenient features include: overmold comfort grip, overmold trigger, “on-tool” power adjustment, 360° adjustable exhaust, and belt hook
Lightweight at 1,2kg for easy maneuvering and all day work
Drives slight and medium head 1,2mm brads (AX and AY) from 15mm to 55mm
On-tool power adjustment to lengthen the life of the tool when used primarily with shorter fasteners
Wrenches onboard to make the adjustment fast and easy
NeverLube® technology – no lubrication required
Molding and decorative trim, furniture trim, window beading, blind pinning of upholstered and trim panels, rattan, scribe, molding, cabinets, drawers and picture frame assembly

FinishPro25XP, brad nailer 1,2mm (AX/AY)

Product description
The SENCO FinishPro® 25XP has redefined the brad nailer category! This lightweight powerpacked nailer is loaded with all the features you need, plus a few more. The FinishPro 25XP drives both slight and medium headed 1,2mm (AX/AY) brads from 16 to 55mm into the hardest woods. The “on-tool” power adjustment allows the user to increase power by 30%. All this, plus SENCO’s exclusive NeverLube® design to keep your work surface oil free.
Technical Specifications
Fastener type
Fastener length
35-55 mm