Features & Benefits
Drives a wide range of both slight-headed and medium-headed brads to give you two tools in one
Weighs only 1kg – the lightest weight available in a brad nailer – for easy handling and maneuvering in small places
Features easy side loading that allows you to change brad length without adjusting tool, plus E-Z Clear jam clearance
Reduces fatigue throughout comfort-grip handle and the best balance and lowest recoil in the industry
Superior power (40% more than comparable tools) makes it suitable for use on hardwood, plastics, and particleboard
Oil-free design means easier maintenance and no lubrication to stain fine woods
Precision-firing keeps work surface free of damage
Rugged composition enables magazine to withstand on-the-job stress
Requires minimum maintenance, with only two movable O-rings for virtually trouble-free upkeep
Repair is easy, using only two Allen wrenches and the do-ityourself SENCO Parts Kit
Comes complete in its own heavy-duty plastic case
Muffler ensures quieter operation
Cabinets, Furniture & Woodworking: Moldings & trim, dowels & joints, cabinet door frames & panels, vanities, drawer assembly, decorative wood & plastic pieces, rattan furniture, picture frames, window beading, toys. On-site, mobile home & rv construction: moldings & trim, miscellaneous finish carpentry

SLP20XP, brad nailer for stainless steel brads 1,2mm (AX)

Product description
Pneumatically driven slight-headed and medium-headed brads (AX & AY)for cabinet and furniture manufacturing, woodworking, on-site construction and manufactured housing applications. The SENCO® SLP20XP Brad Nailer drives both medium head and slight head brads ranging in length from 16mm to 41mm. As the result of extensive customer research, the SLP20XP design ensures unmatched ease of use as well as superior precision and driving power, which makes the tool suitable for fastening a variety of material types and thickness.
Technical Specifications
Fastener type
Fastener length
16-41 mm