Features & Benefits
Enhanced quality - Quick change short / long staple preset fire positions by button on the handle and laser line for optical staple guiding
Staple distance - Programmable short and long staple spacing
Distance control according to DIN1052 - The guide rail ensures the distance to the panel edge and to the wooden substructure is kept exact. This means that the safety margins stipulated in DIN 1052, part 3 can be omitted.
Universal - The tool can also be used without a rail, e.g. to fasten thresholds and framing as well as door and window units.
User friendly - A limit stop on the rail indicates the distance to the panel edge. The line of staples is placed by simply moving the stapler along the rail
2 handles - Makes it easier to move the tool.
Framing/shaeting and prefab housing with plaster panels, wooden chipboards, OSB, cemented chipboards, etc.

Smart BoardMaster SHS51XP-N, hw stapler

Product description
The Smart BoardMaster is equipped with a programmable PLC for short and long staple spacing including a quick change between the two. The spacing can be set freely from 30mm with increments of 5mm. A laser line for optical staple guiding ensures optimal positioning of the staples. With the telescopic arm great operating comfort is achieved. The Smart BoardMaster can be operated directly on the work surface, it maneuvers easily or can be run over a fixed track for straight line fastening.
Product videos