Ce Marking

Many building products used for on-site construction and factory manufacture throughout the EU require the CE mark. This logo shows that the product has been tested with the appropriate European harmonised test method. This ensures that the products are safe to use and provides important information about the essential characteristics for use in the intended application. The rules for CE marking were tightened on July 1st 2013 with the introduction of the new Construction Products Regulation (305/2011).

With the introduction new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) you are required to show the Declaration of Performance of the product next to the CE marking. The aim of the declaration is to inform architects, structural engineers and contractors about the essential performance characteristics of the product, thereby providing the necessary information to ensure the product is suitable for use in a building or any part of it in order to meet
the design requirements package.

Senco fasteners intended for use in structural timber applications are manufactured in accordance with the requirements outlined in EN14592. In the Declaration of Performance product details are listed with the relevant flexural strength, pull-out and pull-through values, tensile strength and climatic resistance classification indicated.

Fasteners for the mechanical fixing of plasterboard meet the standards of EN14566 which is tested for exposure to fire class A1 according to and flexibility without breakage phenomena. 

Performance statements for Senco fasteners manufactured in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation can be found in the fastener information.