Features & Benefits
Collation – wire weld
Adjustable nail canister accommodates wide range of nails
High capacity composite magazine – fast and easy loading
Body protection – side steel wearplates reduce abrasion of tool
High durability driver and piston bumper for long life
A lightweight and versatile tool for boxes and crates, carton-to-skid and pallets

PAL57F, pallet coilnailer, double handed safety

Product description
The Pal57F coilnailer is designed to drive up to a 57mm nail. Built for high speed operations and designed to handle the toughest production applications. For boxes, crates, carton-to-skid and pallets applications. The double safety requires two hands to fire a nail. First press the handle on the front side of the machine with one hand and pull the trigger with the other hand. This will prevent user from firing the tool using only one hand. This will lead to additional safety in the working environment.
Technical Specifications
Fastener type
Fastener length
25-57 mm