Features & Benefits
Special high volume auto-load magazine
Developed for the Senco Smart Bridge
Designed for high volume stapling applications
Furniture, cabinets, paneling, upholstery, sidings, doors & window casings

Smart Load SKSXP-L, mw stapler

Product description
The SKSXP Smart Load is a built-in stapler that can be mounted on the Senco Smart bridge and is designed for high volume stapling applications. An special high volume auto-load magazine allows you to work longer without having to load new staples with an total magazine capacity of 2500 L staples. The Senco SKSXP Smart Load is based on high quality proven Senco technology for industrial applications together with all the features and benefits of the normal SKSXP stapler.
Technical Specifications
Fastener type
Firing actuation
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute)
70.00 l/m
Min. length fastener 1
22.00 mm
Max. length fastener 1
38.00 mm
Staple type
L staple
Oil free lubrication
Includes case
Tool dimensions (LxWxH)
185x151x263 mm
Operating pressure
6-8.3 bar
Air inlet
3/8" female NPT