Monday, September 7th and Tuesday, September 8th, Verpa Senco organized the annual Sales & Marketing Meeting for distributors.Read more
Senco GT35HN
Senco introduces the GT35HN gas haften nailer. This nailer is suitable for multiple applications for fastening haften onto wood on roofs, tin roofs, zinc sheathing and covering. The 22˚ magazine has an easy two-step loading sequence and is made of steel which provide excellent durability. Comfort...Read more
Senco FinishPro21LXP
Senco introduces the new FinishPro21LXP micro pinner.Read more
Senco PalletPro100-2H
Senco introduces the Senco PalletPro100 coilnailer with a double handed safety mechanism.Read more
Senco premium air hoses
Senco introduces a new assortment of Premium Air Hoses.Read more
Senco CoilPro32
Senco introduces the successor of the SCN32, the CoilPro32 coilnailer. This lightweight and well balanced coilnailer can drive 0º wire collated coilnails from diameter 1,5-1,7mm with an length off 25-32mm. This lightweight, only 1,4 kg tool, features an adjustable depth of drive and a selectable...Read more
Senco RoofPro455XP
Senco introduces the RoofPro455XP EPAL coilnailer. For processing EPAL marking nails the RoofPro455XP is adjusted to be able to fire the larger head that are on the marking nails. Additional features and benefits of the RoofPro455XP are: Manual depth setting Adjustable shingle guidance Aluminum...Read more